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    Cost Reduction
    Rate Negotiations & Procurement
    Let us Benchmark your freight so you know
    the true value of your freight spend
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    Stay connected to your freight when your freight is on the move
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    We have built a team of experts from shipping,
    carriers, third party logistics and technology industries.
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    TSG becomes a part of our clients transportation
    arm looking for as many areas that we can reduce cost
    and create efficiencies using our People & Technology.
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    the rising cost of transportation by building
    a program that fits your needs
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    Benchmarking Technology
    Benchmarking that can change the
    way you think about your freight.
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    TMS & Business Intelligence Platforms. We put
    the Power of Control back into our clients hands.
About TSG

For over two decades TSG has been leading the way providing experienced professionals and cutting edge technology that promises our clients savings and efficiencies. Our team delivers options across multi modes while bringing cost reduction solutions and dynamic technology to one universal platform.

We put The Power of Logistics literally in our customer's hands. Our TITAN TMS provides multi-modal freight management for LTL, TL, Small Parcel, Brokered and International shipments. We will connect you with the world whether it is over the road, rail, ocean or skies. Contact us today and get the power!

Benchmarking / Cost Reduction

Let TSG negotiate and secure stronger rates and create better efficiencies to further reduce time and cost spent on managing your freight so you can focus on better products and better service for your clients.


Turn on the Power and Leverage TSG’s TITAN Freight Management Suite. The TITAN TMS delivers fast and critical information right at your fingertips and easily connects to your company’s ERP System.

Audit & Payment

TSG’s FAP empowers an experienced group of professionals who audit and monitor your freight invoices. We leverage our TITAN FAP system to give our customers accurate billing, EDI Connectivity to Carriers and Automated GL Coding so our customers know they are paying the right amount in the right place every time.


We strive to make the transition to our company as seamless as possible. We will be with you from day one guiding you.

  • Research

    We will dive into your freight headfirst. This is where we find all of your savings.

  • Bid Event

    Once we've gathered all of the information we need and determined we can save you freight cost, we begin the bid event with the carriers.

  • Contracts and Coding

    At this point we load your contracts and business logic into our system.

  • Launch

    On day one, we'll be there with support and guidence ensuring your transition is as smooth as possible.

Recent Projects and Events

TSG Live

TSG is proud to announce the launch of LIVE. LIVE gives our clients real-time access to KPI Dashboards, Shipping Trends & Tools, BOL’s & POD’s, Claims Management portal and more. Sign up for a demo of LIVE today. Click Here

Titan Navigator

TSG‘s Titan Navigator puts the power of bidding, spot quoting, rate and mode optimization right back in to the hands of the Shipper. Titan Navigator’s API connectivity allows you to connect from your ERP while we connect you to Carriers, Brokerages and 3PL’s.

Transportation Intermediaries Association

TSG is a proud member of the Transportation Intermediaries Association a strong, united and synergistic organization for North American third-party logistics companies that celebrates the individual disciplines of its members while speaking with one voice to shippers, carriers, government officials and international organizations.

Claims Manager

Manage your Claims right inside of LIVE with complete connectivity to your carriers. Easy upload of your claims file and “direct link” submission to the carriers. Easy to view and manage claims dashboard that helps you keep track of what has been paid and what hasn’t.

Mitsubishi Electric

Mitsubishi teamed up with TSG over 13 years ago. Our goal on this project has been to deliver Cost Savings, Technology and Business Intelligence while supporting their Logistics Team.

  • Benchmarking and Rate Negotiations
  • TMS for Rate Optimization
  • Freight Audit & Payment
  • Carrier Service Monitoring
  • Savings KPI’s

“There are many third party logistics companies which provide value and service. What sets TSG apart is integrity. TSG honors their commitments; they do what they say they are going to do. They are fair and honest; they take appropriate responsibility and accountability.”

Vice President Operations Mitsubishi Electric US Cooling & Heating, John Gabilondo



TSG has partnered with HA&W to compliment a mutual focus on cost reduction. You can visit HA&W on the web at www.hawcpa.com

HA&W helps manufacturing companies find money for innovation.

HA&W identified tax credits that helped the global leader in process air filtration And recycling systems fund innovation

Watch this video to learn about R&D Tax Credits for Manufacturers

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